1.    What are others saying about your services?
2.    What  types of clients have you worked with?
3.    Why should I select Kelleher Associates?
4.    What services and results can I expect from Kelleher Associates?
5.    Is there really a difference in Career Management and Executive Coaching firms?
6.    How do I know your services will help me?

John Regina (2009) Print

With 25 years experience in Healthcare, John Regina successfully moved from SVP, Human Resources at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, to lead HR at a small privately held candy manufacturing and promotion company close to home.

How was your career transition initiated?

I knew a year in advance of my separation and began my networking during those months.  During this time I was introduced to Al Kramer through the search firm who was recruiting for my replacement.  Al lent professional support during this unofficial job search period.  When I was offered outplacement and Al introduced me to Ellen Mallin, it became clear that she could help me polish my job search skills.  I sensed from both of them that I would receive individual attention at Kelleher Associates.

William Beible (2009) Print

A resourceful management, operations and engineering expert, William Beible recently made a successful transition from a manufacturing company that was downsizing to a newly-created position at a growing business in the same industry.  We spoke with Mr. Beible early in his tenure as the new Senior Vice President of Operations at Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.

KA:  What brought Kelleher Associates to your attention originally, and why did you decide to work with them in your recent career transition?

WB:  I had learned about Ed Kelleher from a colleague years ago and he was described to me as someone who was very well connected in the Greater Philadelphia region.  After I returned to Philadelphia, I finally met him briefly at an ExecuNet meeting a few years ago.  This past October, my employer, Carpenter Technology in Reading, went through a reduction in the leadership team and a general restructuring, and my position as vice president of integrated information systems was one of the positions affected.  I immediately thought of Ed.

Neil McCarthy (2009) Print

Neil McCarthy recently completed a successful transition into a new role in a new industry.  It was a remarkable challenge for him, as it was the first time in over 25 years that he found himself in a career transition.  We spoke with him in his third week on the job as the new Senior IT Director at Endo Pharmaceuticals.

Andrew Wesztergom (2009) Print
Andrew Wesztergom is a veteran financial leader with extensive international experience. He recently transitioned from a finance position with one international company to a new position with another global company in another industry. We spoke with Mr. Wesztergom as he was starting his new position as Director of Finance and Administration at Heraeus Electro-Nite Company.
Andrew J. Kleeman (2009) Print

Dear Ed:  As I commence with the next phase of the career transition you helped me engineer, I wanted to let you know how well things have worked out and to formally express my gratitude for your guidance.

You may recall that when I retained your services in mid 2008, I was very uncertain of the timing for the revenue phase launch of my new solar energy venture, Eos Energy. I was reluctant to not see it to the potential I envisioned, but I was, at that time, quite uncomfortable entering a second year of zero revenues.

Personalized process smoothes career transition. Print

An experienced finance and accounting management executive like Brian Earnshaw tackles challenges with a clear focus on process. So when his career position evaporated, he naturally needed support that would measure up to his own detailed standards. He found it at Kelleher Associates, where a five month executive search resulted in a new position as Corporate Controller at Philadelphia-based Leaf Financial Corporation.

What was your initial game plan when you lost your almost 10-year position?

As an action-oriented person, I wanted to immediately start identifying positions and interviewing.  I think that was a result of not having done a job search since college. My previous position and all other positions resulted from promotions or offers coming to me unsolicited. My Kelleher coach, Elva Bankins, took the time to explain the importance of taking a stepped approach to getting not just a job, but an opportunity that would fit me.

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