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From time to time we interview a client or former client about his or her career transition and their experience with Kelleher Associates.

Each client comes to us with a unique set of circumstances.  Our personalized career coaching addresses their specific needs and ensures a smoother transition.  Their individual experiences with Kelleher attest to this.

Marc Bloom Print

Why did you choose Kelleher Associates for your recent transition support?

I was recommended by an acquaintance. After I met with Mitch, I felt comfortable with Kelleher and Mitch.

What did you like best about working with Kelleher Associates?

Mitch's experience and guidance was very helpful for me as I had not actually ever really productively "looked" for a position. In addition, the Kelleher resources to help fine tune my resume, LinkedIn profile and professional profile was very helpful for me.

What were some of the key concepts learned during your search process, and what would you recommend to others seeking their next position or considering a change in their career path?

Some of the key concepts for me, especially at my level (C-level) were:
1. Making sure you are comfortable with what you are good at and especially what you are not good at.
2. Spending the time to really think about what you want in your next role.
3. Doing the work – there is a lot of work involved, much more than I thought, to be prepared to go after your next role.

What parts of your Kelleher program proved to be especially valuable during your search?

For me, Kelleher did not provide me with any direct job leads. I found my position through prior relationships of my own. However, the documents, questions and questionnaires Mitch had me complete proved invaluable during the interviewing process.

You were working during your job search. How did you balance both?

Yes, I was working. I had to carve out time at night and weekends to complete the materials needed to prep for my search, but I managed to do so. The interviewing process, I learned, is always a dicey balancing act.

How were you interacting with executive recruiters? Was Kelleher helpful in that regard?

This is one area that was most disappointing. Despite mailing directly to them, the network of recruiters was quite unresponsive, and even after repeated calls and emails, they never returned a call or email.

From my experience, a prospective client can expect to have to find his or her own leads and eventually a role. Kelleher will make sure you are 100% prepared for the process, but as far as "finding" a role, you are most likely going to have to do the work.

How did you identify your new position?

I was approached by a colleague. I was encouraged by Mitch and made strong use of my contacts.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the interview and negotiation process with Lloyds of London, your new employer, and how was Kelleher helpful with them?

The only real challenge was the contract negotiation. Mitch was able to review the contract and provide very thoughtful advice and guidance on the terms.

What advice would you give to others looking for their next position?

1. Make sure you really want to move from your current role.
2. Make sure you know your reasons and can articulate them.
3. Do the work (resume, LinkedIn, networking, etc.).
4. Patience.
5. Cultivate your own network.
6. Expect little from executive recruiters and you won't be disappointed.

Would you recommend Kelleher to others?

I have recommended Kelleher to several colleagues. Kelleher is not going to actually find you a position; you'll have to do that on your own. But, Kelleher will prepare you for the search, recruiting process and ultimately interviews and negotiating an offer. They were very good at sorting out my strengths and weaknesses and helping me articulate them.



Josh Reisman 2015 Print

It's now been four months since I completed my program with Kelleher Associates and started in my new sales role with Prolifics Inc., an IT Solutions Company and IBM Premier Business Partner.

I was very pleased with, and benefitted significantly from, working with Kelleher Associates. Not only was the administrative staff first rate and the services even better than I expected; but also, I was able to sort through and explore a major change in my career trajectory and capitalize on introductions made on my behalf to people that were unknown to me: these introductions would have been inaccessible without the personal, proactive support and advocacy of Mitch Wienick, my primary coach, and other Principals of the firm. Notably, Mitch helped me simultaneously navigate through four different opportunities that all had advanced to, or almost to, the offer stage and coached me throughout my final negotiation process, even at night and on the weekend.

I also wanted to mention some very specific areas where Kelleher was especially helpful to me:

● demonstrated a personal interest in me and customized the program to suit my needs,
● coached me through a critical career clarification process,
● helped me identify and target roles that were strong fits with experience, skills, and interests,
● hosted priceless networking events, and
● advanced my practical use of LinkedIn and other online tools.

I am quite pleased with my search outcome and would highly recommend Kelleher Associates to anyone who was seeking to make a career change, as I was.

Howard Deck 2015 Print

Dear Mitch,

Hope you and Kelleher are doing well.  I am writing to thank you again for your help with my transition five years ago.  With your help, I received three interesting CEO offers within five months and, again with your help, I chose the right one, a medium-sized Canadian manufacturing company.  Recently we closed the sale of the company to a prominent San Francisco private equity firm.

I am proud to say that the management team I built was able to substantially increase the market value of the company to shareholders during my five years as CEO.  Moreover, the team and I will stay on to drive the next exciting phase in the company's evolution.

The transition strategy and tactics you helped me develop were key to putting me in a position to make this happen.  But perhaps even more important was the perspective and encouragement you gave me.  This has been the most rewarding time of my professional life.  I thank you for your important role in it.

With best regards,

Howard Deck

Jaine Lucas 2014 Print

Jaine Lucas is a senior operating and marketing executive, new venture expert, entrepreneur and educator who was most recently the Executive Director of Temple University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures, Blackstone LaunchPad, and Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select them for your career transition services?

Several executives in my network I trust had chosen Kelleher Associates and were extremely satisfied with their services.  I needed coaching and other support in order to successfully transition from academia back into an operating business.  After meeting with Mitch Wienick, I was confident Kelleher would be the best resource for my career needs.  Everyone I interface with there is extremely professional and helpful, client centric and results oriented.  Plus, there is a genuine concern for their clients' success and well being.

Client 'thank you' to Jim Miller Print

Thank you for the extensive feedback and valuable experiences during my practice interview.  It has already helped me break through a few patterns that I've struggled with in the past, and put the spotlight on some blind spots I didn't know I had.  I have already applied some learnings from your feedback into my preparations and interactions with a search executive.  I'll keep you posted. 

I'm so thrilled to be able to work together! Thanks, again.


Stan Haas 2014 Print

Stan Haas is a C-Level executive who was previously the President, Asia Pacific for VWR International LLC and most recently accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer for Affiliated Distributors.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select the firm for your career transition services?

A number of C-Level executives recommended Kelleher Associates and Mitch Wienick in particular.  I was using the services of another career transition firm, but they did not seem to have the same amount of experience as Kelleher does with C-Level candidates.

Dr. Gail Rodgers 2014 Print

Dr. Gail Rodgers is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist who was previously the Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, Vaccines for Pfizer, Inc. and most recently took a Senior position with the Gates Foundation focused on global vaccine development and distribution.

Why did you select Kelleher Associates for your career transition services?

As I researched available career transition services and talked to colleagues Kelleher Associates was always mentioned as one of the best. During my first meeting with them I knew that this was the place for me. They are highly professional, first getting to know you and personalizing a program to suit your needs. They deliver a strong team effort with all the principals and staff interested in helping you achieve your goals.

Best Regards Print


I certainly appreciate the guidance you and Sandy provided in my outplacement and won't hesitate to refer anyone who would benefit from your services.  Best regards,

Michelle Reed 2014 Print

Michelle Reed is a senior executive who was previously the Chief Marketing Officer for Ellucian, and most recently took a Chief Marketing Officer position with SkillSurvey, Inc.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select them for your career transition services?

When I first entered my transition, I called upon a handful of people who I trust. They are individuals who have either been through a transition themselves or work in the executive search industry.  Kelleher Associates was the common thread among firms suggested.

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