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From time to time we interview a client or former client about his or her career transition and their experience with Kelleher Associates.

Each client comes to us with a unique set of circumstances.  Our personalized career coaching addresses their specific needs and ensures a smoother transition.  Their individual experiences with Kelleher attest to this.

David Klebanoff Print

Mitch Wienick was recommended to me by Alan Kaplan, the CEO of Kaplan Partners, a well-respected executive search firm. I was seeking advice and assistance in my transition from maintaining my own medical practice into an employed, non-clinical position which would continue to make use of my medical knowledge. A family member came to learn of Kelleher Associates, and specifically, Mitch, through his connections to Alan. Alan highly recommended Mitch as the best at what he did in the career coaching industry.

The most challenging aspects of my search involved "putting myself out there" and getting comfortable with letting people help me, as opposed to my 35 year medical career which involved my providing assistance to others. Mitch, along with Jim Miller at Kelleher, gave structure and great insights into how I could make that process not only work for me, but how I could ultimately feel comfortable moving through that process. Also, I was exploring opportunities outside of Kelleher's process as they presented themselves, and Mitch always had great instincts as to how I should be investigating those possibilities while working on what Kelleher had cooking for me.

Administrative Executive - Major Healthcare Organization Print

To Jim Miller.  Thanks very much for your guidance and assistance.  I did very well (negotiating my compensation package) considering the smaller scope of the role and a much smaller organization.  I could not have done it without you.  You helped me regain confidence and self-worth.  I felt strong going through the process and am happy with the results.

Executive Vice President, Specialty Pharmaceuticals Print

Jim (Miller), I really appreciate the interview practice you conducted.  It was tougher than the ones I have gone through.  I am very well prepared.

Eric Corkhill Print

Eric Corkhill recently joined PastRx as the Chief Operating and Chief Revenue Officer after engineering the successful merger of Notify Inc.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select them for your career transition services?
My initial awareness about Kelleher was through a member of the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group several years ago. I investigated their services at that time but decided to start my own company and chose not to use them. More recently I was contemplating moving from a full time role into one focused on project consulting and Board Membership. Kelleher seemed to be the logical choice to assist in the process of coalescing my experiences and skill sets into a focused and understandable value statement as well to assist in identifying appropriate corporations and market segments to explore.

You were working full-time while conducting your search. What drawbacks or advantages did that create for you?
Although I was employed full time while also working with Kelleher on new opportunities, I never felt a sense of overload or loss of balance. The pace of working with Mitch and the assignment of weekly tasks and their level of time/resource commitment was never a dilution or a distraction to my primary work investment. I am sure that if I was not employed full time during my work with Kelleher that we could have been more aggressive in the process.

Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist Print

Mitch, I want to thank you for all your help and support, for your insightful comments, for your encouraging attitude, for being such a great resource, for finding my words when I was out of them, for "holding my hand" through this rollercoaster, for being patient while nagging and pushing while understanding! You are really great at what you do!

Global Finance DIrector, Chemicals Print

Mitch, I really value your advice and the service from your office staff. You helped me kick-start the job search and provided valuable advice along the way. Global Finance Director, Chemicals Industry

Joe Coyle Print

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select them for your career transition services?

I was introduced to Mitch through BCA (Business Clubs of America). Once I met with Mitch in person I felt like there was a connection and he was genuinely interested in helping me with my search. I had met with other (similar) firms but didn't feel the connection.

How was your search going before you engaged with Kelleher?

Poorly---I had reached out to my network but it was truly a half-hearted effort, and not productive.

What were the most challenging aspects of your search?

I knew what I didn't want to do, but less certain on what I actually wanted to do. Mitch helped me sort this out.

What strategies and techniques did you learn from Kelleher Associates that proved to be essential in stepping up your search and ultimately securing your offer with Year Up?

I feel all the processes and techniques provide value--the biggest for me was interview prep. Most of my career I never really had to develop an elevator pitch or profile for myself. The PARS (Problem-Action-Result) process was particularly useful for me as it enabled me to think through and articulate my accomplishments. This set the stage for future conversations and also help me polish a well-defined elevator speech.

Marc Bloom Print

Why did you choose Kelleher Associates for your recent transition support?

I was recommended by an acquaintance. After I met with Mitch, I felt comfortable with Kelleher and Mitch.

What did you like best about working with Kelleher Associates?

Mitch's experience and guidance was very helpful for me as I had not actually ever really productively "looked" for a position. In addition, the Kelleher resources to help fine tune my resume, LinkedIn profile and professional profile was very helpful for me.

What were some of the key concepts learned during your search process, and what would you recommend to others seeking their next position or considering a change in their career path?

Some of the key concepts for me, especially at my level (C-level) were:
1. Making sure you are comfortable with what you are good at and especially what you are not good at.
2. Spending the time to really think about what you want in your next role.
3. Doing the work – there is a lot of work involved, much more than I thought, to be prepared to go after your next role.

Josh Reisman 2015 Print

It's now been four months since I completed my program with Kelleher Associates and started in my new sales role with Prolifics Inc., an IT Solutions Company and IBM Premier Business Partner.

I was very pleased with, and benefitted significantly from, working with Kelleher Associates. Not only was the administrative staff first rate and the services even better than I expected; but also, I was able to sort through and explore a major change in my career trajectory and capitalize on introductions made on my behalf to people that were unknown to me: these introductions would have been inaccessible without the personal, proactive support and advocacy of Mitch Wienick, my primary coach, and other Principals of the firm. Notably, Mitch helped me simultaneously navigate through four different opportunities that all had advanced to, or almost to, the offer stage and coached me throughout my final negotiation process, even at night and on the weekend.

I also wanted to mention some very specific areas where Kelleher was especially helpful to me:

● demonstrated a personal interest in me and customized the program to suit my needs,
● coached me through a critical career clarification process,
● helped me identify and target roles that were strong fits with experience, skills, and interests,
● hosted priceless networking events, and
● advanced my practical use of LinkedIn and other online tools.

I am quite pleased with my search outcome and would highly recommend Kelleher Associates to anyone who was seeking to make a career change, as I was.

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