1.    What are others saying about your services?
2.    What  types of clients have you worked with?
3.    Why should I select Kelleher Associates?
4.    What services and results can I expect from Kelleher Associates?
5.    Is there really a difference in Career Management and Executive Coaching firms?
6.    How do I know your services will help me?

Client Testimonials Print

From time to time we interview a client or former client about his or her career transition and their experience with Kelleher Associates.

Each client comes to us with a unique set of circumstances.  Our personalized career coaching addresses their specific needs and ensures a smoother transition.  Their individual experiences with Kelleher attest to this.

Stan Haas Print

Stan Haas is a C-Level executive who was previously the President, Asia Pacific for VWR International LLC and most recently accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer for Affiliated Distributors.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates and why did you select the firm for your career transition services?

A number of C-Level executives recommended Kelleher Associates and Mitch Wienick in particular.  I was using the services of another career transition firm, but they did not seem to have the same amount of experience as Kelleher does with C-Level candidates.

What were the most challenging aspects of your search?

Managing the details of a busy schedule of networking and the important follow up that was required to effectively capitalize on contacts and meetings.

What were the benefits of directly meeting with your career coach on a weekly basis?

Discussing the whys and the hows of new introductions to contacts within Mitch's network; preparing for key networking meetings and interviews; receiving input on new ideas and approaches to consider in my search; securing and benchmarking information that was helpful in my employment contract negotiations; and overall accountability and support during the process.

What did you learn about the importance of networking and was Kelleher helpful to you in this area?

Networking is the most critical element of a successful search.  Mitch was helpful and gracious in introducing me to valuable members of his network.

How did you become aware of the position at Affiliated Distributors and what were the major steps you had to go through from the start of the process to the offer stage?

I heard about the search from an executive that I was introduced to as a result of my networking efforts.  The search was being managed by Heidrick & Struggles, so between interviews with Heidrick, as well as with AD, and including my own market research, the entire process easily spanned 30-45 days.

How was Kelleher Associates helpful to you during the interview process and final negotiations involving compensation and governance?

Extremely helpful, including doing interview prep with me, providing me with market-based compensation comparisons for similar positions, and suggesting very beneficial counter-offer ideas in the negotiations and employment contract stage.

What advice would you give to others who are embarking on a process to find their next position?

Maintaining and then building a strong and active network is extremely important.

Would you recommend Kelleher Associates to others and, if so, why?

Yes, I would strongly recommend Kelleher and the services of Mitch W.  Kelleher has a more tailored approach for C-Level candidates than other firms and a vast amount of experience and contacts to help candidates successfully manage through the process.

Dr. Gail Rodgers Print

Dr. Gail Rodgers is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist who was previously the Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, Vaccines for Pfizer, Inc. and most recently took a Senior position with the Gates Foundation focused on global vaccine development and distribution.

Why did you select Kelleher Associates for your career transition services?

As I researched available career transition services and talked to colleagues Kelleher Associates was always mentioned as one of the best. During my first meeting with them I knew that this was the place for me. They are highly professional, first getting to know you and personalizing a program to suit your needs. They deliver a strong team effort with all the principals and staff interested in helping you achieve your goals.

What were the most challenging aspects of your search?

I had never looked for a job before. I had always been recruited for jobs, so I didn't realize how hard and competitive it is to actually be looking for a new position. I found the ups and downs of the process, with excitement generated by new opportunities and interviews sometimes followed by disappointment and rejection, to be very challenging.

What tools did you obtain and techniques did you learn from Kelleher Associates that proved to be valuable in your search?

I learned so many things but the most important are to know who you are, what you've done and what you want to do. The process by which these elements are distilled, sorted out, and placed in a CV is crucial. Doing the work of delineating your accomplishments and what advantages you can bring to an opportunity is essential. I learned to be more proactive and position myself in a very positive light. The live mock interview was one of the program elements I found most helpful. The Kelleher interviewer picked up on several areas that were likely to be questions from prospective employers and coached me through them so I was smooth and prepared. I also learned to keep an open mind and say "Yes, I'm interested" to all potential jobs even those for which I wasn't exact fit, since even these positions often opened up other, attractive possibilities.

What did you learn about the importance of networking through your work with Kelleher Associates and were they helpful to you in this area?

I knew nothing about networking before working with Kelleher Associates. Now, I understand how invaluable it is. My coach, Mitch Wienick, taught me to be proactive and consider my colleagues and contacts as potential networking targets. At first I was apprehensive, but now I know that being bold and assertive with regard to networking is a very important part of the process. I was pleasantly surprised to find that people, many of whom were contacts that came directly through Kelleher Associates, were genuinely interested in me and very willing to help.

How did you become aware of the position at the Gates Foundation?

Following advice from Mitch, I reached out to a colleague in my professional field who had just recently accepted a position at the Gates Foundation just to network and that initial conversation ultimately led to my being the offered the position I accepted. Without this encouragement I would have never made the call that led to this exciting opportunity for me with the Gates Foundation which is doing leading edge work in my field.

How was Kelleher Associates helpful to you during the interview process and offer package negotiations?

Mitch was extremely helpful in the process. I felt totally prepared and in control since we developed a pre-interview strategy, reviewed how it went in real time, making adjustments as needed, and developed a post-interview strategy. I was inexperienced in negotiations and Mitch helped me with every single detail, with nothing left to chance. I am very pleased with my overall package.

What advice would you give to others who are embarking on a process to find their next position?

Nothing had prepared me for how difficult and often humbling the job search could be, so my advice would be to find a partner -- mine was Mitch -- to guide you through this often frustrating process.

Would you recommend Kelleher Associates to others and, if so, why?

I would recommend Kelleher Associates without reservation. They are extremely qualified professionals who are experts in career transition and support. You can count on them as trusted partners who will guide you through every step of this challenging journey.

Bill Cassidy Print
Bill is a Business Development Executive with an exemplary track record of starting or fixing – and then growing – financial services-related businesses in the U.S. and in Asia.
How did you come to use Kelleher Associates for Career Transition services?
A former Kelleher client referred me to Mitch Wienick and my network subsequently gave the firm a consistently high rating across the board.
How did Kelleher Associates help you develop your resume and your personal value proposition?
This can best be described as "guided discovery".  The interrogatories were extremely helpful and Mitch is excellent at extracting the information needed to develop content.
What Kelleher services, offerings, and techniques proved to be especially valuable during your search?  Did you take advantage of Kelleher's LinkedIn for Job Seekers training session?
I found that the overall process that we follow provides the guardrails that kept me going forward and in the right direction.  PARS (Problem, Action, Result Skills) work in particular, forced me to take a critical look at my accomplishments and frame them for consumption.  I attended Lisa Layton's LinkedIn session thinking I was an advanced user and learned I was operating at about 50% of its capacity. What I learned enabled me to find relevant contacts and target companies.
Was networking a challenge for you?  How did Kelleher help in this area?
Networking was definitely a challenge and I found it to be especially difficult when in transition between two roles.  Where Kelleher helped me become comfortable was in providing various forums that gave me many "at bats".
What was the most frustrating part of the search, and how did Kelleher Associates help you get through the rough patches?
The most frustrating part was the length of time it took to find a perfect fit.  I had offers along the way - Mitch was instrumental in helping me to dissect the offers and reconcile them against "the ideal role", which provided well-thought rationalization to support a 'no' when the position was not a good fit.  These things take time, and you get out of it what you put into it.
Toward the end of your search process, you had a number of key interviews followed by a very clear compensation package negotiation process.  How did Kelleher help you manage each element of this "end game" and help keep you focused?
Mitch's experience here helped me immensely.  He was supportive and creative - asking hard questions that forced an alternative view of almost everything.  We role played different strategies and, as a result, had our bases well-covered.
What were some of your key lessons during your search process, and what would you recommend to others seeking their next position?
The key lessons would be to start early, practice often and always be refining your value proposition.  I would absolutely recommend enlisting Kelleher to guide you through the process.
Tom Valentine Print

Tom has over 20 years of progressive knowledge and experience in the golf, lawn
care and sportsfield management business markets.  He has been recognized
for his contributions to record-setting sales figures, territory and product
expansion and new account development.

How did you learn about Kelleher Associates for Career Transition services?

Serendipity brought me to Kelleher.  I was offered an opportunity that was a step up from my current position.  A friend of a friend suggested that I utilize the services of a professional before making a move and recommended that I contact Mitch Wienick. 

What Kelleher services, offerings, and techniques proved to be especially valuable?

It had been a dozen or so years since I had updated my resume and I needed a new one quickly.  Mitch helped clarify the main points and eliminate the filler.  With his complete understanding of the worth I brought to the table he helped me shape my value proposition. 

How did Kelleher Associates help you with your compensation negotiations?

I quickly realized that I had little experience in structuring a compensation package for the higher level position I was considering.  Mitch pushed the boundaries wide open for me.  He researched the company I was considering and broke out for me analytically the “risk vs. reward” of making a move.  I probably could not have done this on my own and may have settled for less than what I was worth. Ultimately, my current employer countered the offer I received and offered me a new role with commensurate compensation, which I accepted.  I have no doubt that this happened because the Kelleher process enabled me to confidently reposition myself. 

What did you like best about working with Kelleher Associates?

I did not have a clear process to evaluate and compare my current position against this new job opportunity. Mitch quickly gave me clarity on the important long-term issues that I needed to consider. He removed the emotional static that was in my head and applied executive logic to evaluate the opportunity.

What were some of your key lessons during your negotiation process, and what would you recommend to others seeking their next position?

A key lesson and recommendation is to look at all of the aspects of a compensation package, not just at the salary.  Also, I learned the importance of hiring a career consultant.  In my work life I have hired advisors to assist with many areas of business where I needed expertise - career strategy should be no exception.  Don’t go it alone.  Hire a professional.  I got the “best of the best” when I hired Mitch.

Mark Trabbold Print

Mark Trabbold  is a visionary technical leader with 30 years of solid accomplishments in product innovation, process engineering, and quality assurance in the construction products/composites and glass industries. His most recent position was Vice President of R & D for the insulation division of a global building materials company.  He recently joined the Ben Franklin Technology Partners as Director, Business Development in the Technology Commercialization Group.

Dan Haas Print

Dan Haas is an executive business leader with experience in IT consulting & outsourcing, SaaS/cloud supply chain solutions and sourcing services.  Dan has expertise in P&L management, sales, service delivery and product marketing and has significant international experience working across many industry verticals, including chemicals, plastics & rubber, oil & gas, natural resources and manufacturing.  His superior skills in people leadership, business management, decision making, strategic direction setting and execution and C level business development were honed at such firms as Dow Chemical, DuPont Dow Elastomers and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Knut Fenner Print

Knut Fenner is an experienced global business leader who has worked for a number of well-respected international companies where he has held senior leadership positions.  Knut recently accepted a position as Senior Director of Business Development at Matcor Inc., a privately held company in Bucks County.  MATCOR is a leading cathodic protection and corrosion prevention engineering design firm, providing environmentally beneficial systems and services to global oil, gas, water and chemical clients for nearly 40 years. 

Maxine Weber Print

Maxine Weber is an award winning consumer products marketing executive with demonstrated success for Fortune 500 and private equity companies.  Armed with a degree in biochemistry and an MBA, this conceptual thinker proved to be adept at growing business with key customers through focused business analysis.  Her strong relationship building and communication skills drove her success at such firms as Scott Paper, Campbell Soup, Vlasic Foods and Pinnacle Foods.

Kim Hall Print

Kimberly Hall is a senior nonprofit executive with a track record of delivering profitable growth in diverse, challenging and competitive markets.  This entrepreneurial and resourceful problem solver is highly proficient at capitalizing on opportunities not seen by others and successfully converting them into thriving alliances.  A passionate leader, she has been a driving force in Chester County, PA for many years, beginning with the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry and most recently, with the Chester Country Historical Society.

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